We provide, Bonded & Non-Bonded and EPZ Storage,

We operate over 3,000 square meters of general bonded warehouse and EPZ facilities in Bangkok. LMS warehouses serve full range of services under One-Stop Shop Concept with 24 hours full security system

  • JIT HUB & Inventory Control
  • Pick, Pack, Insert & Assembly
  • Freight Consolidation
  • Temperature Controlled Space
  • Pool Distribution
  • Customer Pick – Up Service
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Customized Office Space
  • Returnable Container Management
  • Contract or Lease Agreement



We provide Valued Added Pick & Pack Services.

LMS provides unique solutions for your special packaging, assembly, and labeling projects. By using us as your outsourced providers, you can save costs by reducing labor cost and material management. If you are importing goods or raw materials into the Thailand, our general bonded warehouses and EPZ facilities allow these materials to be stored and deferred import duties and value added tax until they are imported and taken out of the bonded warehouse or EPZ.

  • Contract packaging
  • Shrink bundling
  • Short & long-term projects
  • Bagging and heat sealing
  • Assembly
  • Pallet re-stacking
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Sorting, kitting and Labeling
  • Packaging design

We provide Supply Chain Management

LMS manages vendors in the supply chain for you and take care your works for you, leaving you to concentrate more on your core businesses. These supply chain are for example, freight forwarders, or non-bonded warehouse operators, truckers, pick and pack staff, engineers required for assembly, and others.We are committed to developing long-term partnerships with our customers by providing solutions to their supply chain re-engineering. This entails complete physical and informational flow manage ment from factory floor through our value-added storage and distribution facilities up to final delivery to the end user.

MS "Hanse Spirit"

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Contact: Nordcapital | Stefanie Rother 0049-40-3008-2624, E-Mail: presse@nordcapital.com

We provide nation-wide Customs Formalities Service

Your international transportation services can be enhanced by our expertise and experience in customs brokerage services. Customs hold ups can delay delivery and disrupt business plans. LMS has made customs management central to all service areas by having its brokers or affiliate brokers stationed at various ports, bonded warehouse, container freight stations or ICD in Bangkok and its adjacent provinces.With in-housed advisors (ex Customs or Industrial Estate officers), we are able to provide advices and consultation on all your customs or export processing zone enquiries and answer to all your worries. Based on found solutions, we establish procedures and method most suitable to your requirements and ensure that goods can be delivered per your requirements

We provide Thailand and Worldwide Distribution

Ground Transportation, LMS provides full ranges of rail and road service customized to customer requirements and integrated with other transportation & trucking services by other forwarders.AIR, LMS as a neutral agent, provides services in conjunction with its partners and their global networks worldwide at competitive pricing and flexible capacities.Ocean, same as air freight services, LMS developed a preferred supplier program with the world’s largest forwarding agents to ensure competitive rates and flexible service on all ocean routes.