During the last decade, the courier services became increasingly popular since the surging demand in e-commerce and online shopping. From today onwards, the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic will shape the “new normal” over the next decade of how people live, making the courier companies something they cannot live without. As people continue to spend more time on the internet, work from home, and have their stuff delivered at the front doors, having a capable courier service provider will be the vital key to define their future. This is why at Logistics Management Services, we work all day and night to provide the best courier service with 24-hour access and on-demand delivery around the world.

From the heart of Bangkok, LMS’ courier teams are professional, fully trained experts to handle your shipments at your desirable speed, security, and special care. From sizeable online shopping volumes to transporting your beloved paintings—and everything in between depending on your priorities—we offer all types of courier services, including standard, international, and rush/on-demand. With, LMS has one of the most powerful online trackings and tracing systems in the world.


To best serve your needs, we would like to understand which aspects of delivery are most important to you. For example, are your packages sensitive on the timeline, do they have to be delivered internationally, are those packages demand special care? These aspects will determine what angle should we prioritize your shipment. Below are the types of priorities to be considered:


How fast would you like your packages to be delivered? Would it be standard, next day, fast track, or others? LMS can also provide express delivery services for emergencies - from customer returns, medical emergencies, to shipments of important documents.

Shipment Size:

Usually, standard shipping will stick within the most common set of parameters. Depending on how large or heavy the shipment is, we can work to minimize the fees associated with exceeding the weight or size limits.


Are your deliveries made locally or internationally? While LMS can deliver worldwide, discussing the destination early on will allow us to match the route with the most economical price.

Safety and Security:

How safely and securely you would like to transport your shipment? does your package require a signature, special handling protocols, or security checks?

Special Care Items:

Do your packages demand special care? Are they highly fragile or expensive? If it’s food or medical supplies, they need to have sufficient refrigeration capabilities.

e-Tracking Service:

e work with the eTrackCargo, a user - friendly program designed to seamlessly track the shipment by the freight forwarder, customers and agents. All you need is an internet browser. also secures and allows the Master Subscribing Agent to issue their own passwords to their clients free of charge. With, LMS has one of the most powerful online trackings and tracing systems in the world.