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GO e-Commerce

In today's ever-evolving digital economy, GO e-Commerce offers an online full-service solution for the international logistics industry. Designed and developed by Logistics Management Services, the GO e-Commerce platform handles global shipments from the first point of origin all the way to last-mile distribution centers under a single-window environment. By combining the sales, operations, distribution, data management, and Transport Management System (TMS), GO e-Commerce’s seamless experience will make cross-border transportation incredibly fast and convenient for online markets the world over.

GO e-Commerce has secured cross-synergy partnerships with various business-to-government (B2G) digital service providers such as Netbay in Thailand and Tradetech in the USA and Canada. Having already served several major e-Marketplaces in Asia, this service will be expanding into other regions in the near future.


High capacity, short lead-time
we can handle 100,000+ HAWBs / MAWBs per day
Accurate Data Format
we simultaneous match the data with the requirements of every stage in cross-border logistics process
Seamless Single Window Platform
we communicate directly with all party points to deliver the fastest and most reliable results
Real-time Tracking
we electronically scan all the packages their timestamps and whereabouts
we operate on cloud computing platform where clients can digitally access from anywhere


Here are some of the highlights that make GO e-Commerce different from all other digital service providers:

Our program works like no other.

Because GO e-Commerce offers multi-faceted services to multiple parties in a single-window platform, the system can simultaneously process a high volume of orders while directly communicating with all relevant stakeholders at every step of the way. The application is a dynamic powerhouse at your fingertips.

We are the first in this field and will never stop improving.

GO e-Commerce is one of the first technologies to make cross-border e-commerce logistics possible in Southeast Asian markets. As an innovative, trailblazing pioneer we never stop exploring opportunities to expand and improve our system in an effort to deliver more efficient returns and reverse logistics services.

Over two decades of proven experience in the global freight forwarding industry.

As the creator of GO e-Commerce, Logistics Management Services’ expert crew members and R&D team developed the platform with solid knowledge in cross-border logistics and customs brokerage experience, deep client trust, and unique specialties in local know-how.

Extra Features Available at Better Pricing.

Aside from IT Solutions, GO e-Commerce can benefit from other existing services from Logistics Management Services such as freight forwarding and courier services, shipment consolidations, custom brokerage, and real-time tracking updates for last-mile deliveries.

Guaranteed by major e-marketplace clients.


GO e-Commerce was created as a single platform to help streamline freight forwarders' and shippers' supply chains, manage cross-border regulations and exceptions, and provide comprehensive visibility by digitally connecting the requirements of every stakeholder involved in the e-logistics process. The process flows as follows:

Receiving Digital Orders from Global Online Marketplaces,or e-Marketplaces. This could originate on a global brand’s website ― such as Amazon, Alibaba, Lazada, 11-Street, Shopee, eBay, or Taobao ― or on a off-the-shelf government e-Marketplace that has been developed in-house. Every time a buyer purchases a product, the e-Marketplace will automatically receive and forward along the purchase order to their respective e-Fulfillment Center.

For larger brands, the volumes of purchase orders can easily reach 100,000 if not 1,000,000+ per day.
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