LMS is committed to helping our customers minimize the cost of doing business by consolidating vendor services to support long-term partnerships and volume price reductions. By consolidating merchandise, information and documents at the country of origin, and by leveraging our regional and international purchasing power, we help you negotiate the best rates without sacrificing service. We offer vendor consolidation services that allow our clients to focus on their business growth, not supplier and staffing management.

For more than 18 years, LMS has been providing buyers' consolidation services out of Thailand to one of the larger retail stores in the USA, whose outlets are over 15,000 stores nation-wide. At the request of the client, we are working with the client to bridge LMS' licensed buyers' consolidation system to its newly implemented system with target GO LIVE date in August, 2020. LMS' BC system also powers the U.S. security filing engines such as Advance Manifest System (AMS), and Inland Security Filing (ISF), as well as other countries' security filings such as the Canadian Advance Commercial Information (ACI), Japan's Advance Filing Rule (AFR), and the European Union's Import Control System 2 (ICS2). We plan to combine and link the licensed BC system to LMS' in-house developed GO e-Commerce Logistics to create a single window platform that answers various logistics, transport, e-Commerce, security filing and brokerage solutions.